Have you ever seen a Mako shark eat a swordfish?

MARATHON, Florida Keys — Wow, what a beautiful week we had out on the water.  The weather was almost perfect the entire week.  We still didn’t find many dolphin but while were searching we came across an unusual floater.

We found half of a large swordfish floating, with a mako shark circling.  The swordfish was cut in half, with it’s cobolt blue color still intact.  I cut a chunk off of the swordfish and tried to bait up the mako but he wasn’t interested.  I guess after eating 100 pounds of swordfish he was full.  I t would be just a matter of time before he got hungry again, and I was hoping it would be soon.  I tried to remove the swordfish from the water but the mako just left when we did that.  So I tied the swordfish to the boat and dumped it back in the water.

It took only a few minutes for the mako to come back.  I kept the chunk of bait right behind the carcass, and we just watched this magnificent shark swim around the boat for over a half an hour.  The shark kept swimming circles around the boat and with every minute passing I got more and more frustrated.  I finally took off the bait and pulled in the swordfish.  I took the hook and stuck in the meat of the carcass where the mako had bitten him in half.  I proceeded to let the swordfish out on a dock line.

After ten minutes the mako came up to investigate his prize.  Shortly after that he took a bite out of the swordfish and it was so amazing to see how effortlessly he cut through it.  I noticed that my line was moving away from the swordfish and I set the hook.  I stuck him good, thumbing the drag and repetitively set the hook until the fish thrashed a bit.  He didn’t go anywhere; he just swam around the boat like there was nothing wrong.  Knowing what a mako is capable off I powered the boat away from the fish and then he realized that there was something wrong and he sounded peeling 400 feet of line in seconds.  We fought the fish for about an hour when he finally came up for some jumps and shortly after that we lost him.  He must have gotten wrapped up in the leader and it parted in the middle of a forty-foot leader.  Even though we didn’t land him it was an epic adventure.

The dolphins haven’t shown up yet, but there are a few fish out there.  I have found some schoolies in close and a few scattered big fish anywhere from 12-30 miles offshore.  The tunas have slowed down at the hump, but if you get there early or stay out late you can manage a decent catch.  Trolling around really has been a waste of time; if you run and gun you will find more fish under the birds.

The deep dropping was awesome this week.  We found lots of snowys, a few queen snappers, tilefish, rosefish, and barrelfish.  One of the spots we limited out on snowys on the first drop.  We dropped two rods and got a double and a single.  You are only allowed to have one snowy per person, so don’t do another drop in the same place because you are liable to catch another one.  Usually we only catch one or two snowys in one spot but they seem to be on every spot I drop on.  We had to stop deep dropping so we didn’t go over our limit.  I do have spots where snowys won’t be.  We went out to 1,100 feet of water and got some rosefish, and a barrelfish.  This is the time of the year where I do very well catching snowys.

If a reef fishing charter is more your style, it has been great.  We caught lots of yellowtail and groupers.  I found that the bite is starting to turn on in the deep water.  You will find larger yellowtails in 75-100 feet of water.  Using oats and lots of chum you can get the big boys up in the water column, where your odds of landing the big ones increase.  We did get a few large mangroves on one spot; most of them were from 2-4 pounds, which is decent.  I was fishing in 88 feet of water with a jig tipped with a small pinfish.  This is also how we caught all those grouper. 

Once this wind lets down here in Marathon, get offshore to fish and drop while you still can.  And don’t forget to check all of your safety equipment…you never know when you might need it.

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