A Florida Keys Marlin Story

Out in the Florida Straits, fishing in the deep blue sea, is my favorite place to be. From being a charter boat captain, I’ve found you can never predict anything. Just be glad the weather’s mild most of the year… This latest adventure involves three friends and story similar to the Old Man and The [Read more…]

School’s Out for the Summer

Summertime is upon us as kids are finishing up their scholastic year and everyone is dreaming about catching the big one on their summer break. Well, dream no more – make it a reality because the dolphin are arriving in the Florida Keys. Here in Marathon the Dolphin fishing has started with a bang. To [Read more…]

The Ultimate Guide to Deep Drop Fishing in the Florida Keys

Fishing Where the Sun Don’t Shine: Equipment, Rigs, & Species. The fastest growing fishing industry has been the deep dropping with electric reels. In the past ten years this fishery has absolutely exploded. Reel manufactures have been busy to keep up with each other as new functions and new design breakthroughs, let anglers reach new depths [Read more…]

2015 Fish With a Hero Event in Marathon

This year was the second in a row for the Fish With a Hero event led by Project Healing Waters Fly Fishing. The Florida Keys community of Marathon welcomed veterans from Tennessee and North Alabama for a week of fishing and fun from September 21-25. Veteran, local resident, angler, and PHWFF supporter Larry Kendzior succeeded [Read more…]

Marathon Fishing Report: Fall Fishing Bonanza

Fishing the Florida Keys for as many years as I have, my customers and friends all share the same curiosity with one simple question: “What is the best time of the year to fish in the Keys?” Now depending who they were I would answer them with a bit of humor. My friends most of [Read more…]

Marathon Fishing Report: June 2015

Mutton Mania! These past few weeks the black grouper bite was absolutely stellar and now we have entered into the mutton spawn where large bio masses of mutton snapper will be gathering on reefs and wrecks. Every trip this week has produced big muttons and happy clients. I have been fishing wrecks and reefs from [Read more…]

Yellowtails On The Rise

  This week we have fished all over the place but the greatest fun we had was with the great yellowtail snapper bite. Durning this time of year the yellowtails will mostly be on the reef anywhere between 100′ to 25′ feet of water but lately 40′ of water has been the hot zone.  The [Read more…]

Winter Fishing in the Florida Keys

As a second generation fisherman, I have been fishing in Marathon Florida since I was a kid. I have learned that from reef fishing to offshore fishing, winter is always a great time to get out on the water! There is a plethora of fish species to catch and just as many ways to catch [Read more…]

Great Time For Fishing in Marathon, Florida!

Charters are picking up as people are taking advantage of the off-season hotel cost reductions in Marathon, Florida. I took a new client, Eric, out bottom fishing and boy did he get what he wanted; a sore arm! Eric caught four slob muttons, cobia and dolphin. There was a great mutton bite here in Marathon! [Read more…]

Exciting Times for Mutton Snapper!

This is an exciting time of the year. It usually brings me goosebumps for two reasons, one it’s getting colder and two the offshore fishing becomes concentrated along the reefs edge.  I will be targeting wahoo, sailfish, and dolphin from the troll and dropping down on the wrecks for muttons, groupers and amberjacks.  Kingfish and [Read more…]