Swordfish Fishing Charters in Marathon, Florida Keys

Swordfish Fishing Charters in Marathon, Florida Keys

Daytime Swordfish Trips

Sweet E’Nuf Charters is excited to now include daytime swordfish trips in with our charters! Sweet E’Nuf is one of the pioneers of this type of fishing, and we’re especially happy to be able to offer this charter to anyone who couldn’t experience the thrill of landing a swordfish because of the night-only trips. If you have any questions that we can answer, contact us anytime!

Night-time Swordfish Trip

Some of the world’s best swordfish are in the water’s off of the Florida Keys! A night-time swordfish charter is guaranteed to be a great time for anyone interested in catching some great trophy fish!

Swordfish are nocturnal feeders, and so this trip is geared to take advantage of Captain Schugar’s years of experience in tracking down and reeling in the best swordfish. Even if you’ve never fished before, this is a great trip. We’ll walk you through every step along the way, and help you bait hooks, set lines and anything else you need to make this the easiest and best fishing experience possible!

We guarantee that you’ll have a great time! For questions about charters, or to book one for yourself, give us a call at (305)610-4778.

Swordfish Fishing Charters are a special trip and I offer day or night trips. The day trips we use an electric reel and drop the bait off the continental shelf to the depths of 2000 feet of water as swordfish feed 24 hours a day and during the daytime they are at the bottom eating squid and other critters.

It’s not the most sporty way of fishing for them but again like the deep dropping, nobody want to reel up from such great depths. The killer is that when we finish a drift and we don’t have a fish you need to wind up a 15 pound weight over 2000 feet because with all the current the line doesn’t go straight down, it scopes out and realistically you have at least 2500 feet of line out.

But usually we get one or two, and they are good to eat and are absolutely beautiful creatures. Everyone loves the bragging rights when we hit the dock and the photos, well to stand next to such

a big fish make us all look so small. But if you are into catching this awesome fish on regular tackle I suggest you take a night time sword fishing trip, because the fish swim up to the surface to feed at night.

I generally use three rods at different depths ranging from 300 feet down to the surface. When sword fishing we use lights to attract them, lights on the lines and special light in the water at the surface called a Hydro glow. I use 60 pound outfits with 400 pound leaders, the leader isn’t big because of the bill or teeth, because they have no teeth. I use the heavy leader to have better control of the fish when I am leadering them to the boat.

These fish are extremely fast and strong, it takes about an hour for every hundred pounds the fish weights, so you could battle this behemoth for two or three hours, or even longer. Once they get to the boat we harpoon them and stick them with gaffs to haul them in the boat. While fishing for swordfish we catch mainly swordfish or sharks. SO there is always something to reel in.

For a night-time swordfish trip you should bring:

  • Waterproof Jacket
  • Snack
  • Drinks/Water

We’ll provide:

  • Coolers
  • Fishing License
  • Tackle & Bait
  • A Great Time