About the Captains

About the Captains

Captain Dave Schugar

Captain Dave Schugar a lifelong fisherman and licensed Master Captain, offers custom charter trips to fit your needs and desires – whether you’re looking for a full-day or half-day charter, want to seek out a trophy Sailfish or have a relaxing reef trip, call Sweet E-Nuf Charters to catch fish and have a good time.

At Sweet E’Nuf, our goal is to give you the best experience possible on your choice of Marathon fishing charters. Anglers of all ages and experience are welcome on all of our charters. We’ll take care of everything like rigging, baiting the hooks, and setting the lines and finding the perfect location. Our boat is also equipped with the best hardware available to help track down exactly the catch you’re looking for.

An expert in both bottom fishing and sport fishing, Captain Dave Schugar has the knowledge and experience to help you catch Sailfish, Snapper, Mackerel, Tuna, Grouper, Dolphin, and more. If your goal is to catch a trophy fish, he knows the perfect spots in Marathon to look. Or if you prefer to catch-and-eat fish, our charter fishing boats will find the tastiest fish for you.

Marathon fishing charter captain and guide

Capt. Dave Schugar on the left, one happy angler, and one not so happy fish.

Captain Quinlyn Haddon

Captain Quinlyn Haddon is a passionate and accomplished angler who fell in love with fishing at the age of 25 while on vacation from Canada in 2013. Inspired by her newfound passion, she made a life-changing decision and returned home and packed up her car to relocate and pursue a career in the fishing industry.

With determination and a sink-or-swim mentality, Quinlyn quickly found a job as a deckhand on the west coast of Florida, where she immersed herself in learning every aspect of the trade. After four years of hands-on experience, she obtained her captain’s license in 2017 and currently holds a 100-ton Master Captain license.

Captain Chuck Nowicki

Captain Chuck Nowicki is a seasoned angler with a lifelong passion for fishing. Born and raised in Northern Michigan, he honed his fishing skills on the Great Lakes and inland waters from a young age. Spending countless hours fishing off his dock, Chuck developed a deep love for the sport.

After his parents relocated to the Sunbelt region, Chuck had the opportunity to fish in various freshwater and saltwater environments, broadening his fishing knowledge and expertise. He has fished across the continental US, Hawaii, Alaska, and internationally in destinations such as Canada, Cancun, Cabo San Lucas, and Jamaica.

Chuck pursued his academic endeavors at Texas A&M University, where he graduated in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering. Alongside his studies, he also met his wife, Virginia, whom he has been happily married to since 1994. While Chuck explored different careers in semiconductors, sales, and the craft beer industry, his passion for fishing remained unwavering.

Described as a jack of all trades and a bit of a jokester, Chuck possesses a diverse range of skills and interests. In addition to fishing, he enjoys golf, sand volleyball, surfing, skiing, hunting, cooking, BBQ competitions, woodworking, working out, singing, and playing the guitar. Chuck takes pride in his one son, who is currently attending the Maritime Academy in Traverse City, Michigan.

In 2017, drawn by the allure of the Florida Keys and its abundant fishing opportunities, Chuck relocated to Marathon, Florida. He immediately immersed himself in volunteer work, assisting in the recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma devastated the region. Following this, he embarked on a career in fishing, starting as a deckhand and quickly progressing to the role of captain.

As a 25-ton Master Captain, Chuck has been fishing for Sweet E’Nuf Charters since 2019. He finds immense joy in fulfilling his clients’ dreams by helping them catch their bucket list fish or the fish of a lifetime. Despite his engineering background, Chuck always expresses his preference for the breathtaking view from the helm of his center console, considering it his true office.

With his extensive experience, unwavering passion, and diverse skill set, Captain Chuck Nowicki is dedicated to providing unforgettable fishing experiences for his clients in the pristine waters of the Florida Keys.