After about two years we have been shut down from fishing in 240’ of water and deeper for snowy grouper, tilefish, queen snapper, and yellow edge grouper so that the Warsaw grouper could be protected.  But if they knew anything about the waters where we fish for these species I listed above, they would know [Read more…]

Get Out of the Wind

During the winter and spring we tend to get plenty of wind, and as the wind blows the seas pick up to heights where people just don’t go off shore to fish. Don’t let the wind and waves get you down, get out there, and just don’t go as far. There is plenty of inshore [Read more…]

Mutton Honey

Wintertime has come early this year and as the weather cools the water, fish will venture towards the deeper, more stable water temperatures.  February is a great month to fish down here in the Keys.  The mutton snapper bite will be very stable throughout the winter on the wrecks and reefs.  There are many ways [Read more…]

Offshore Fishing Report: Going Deep And Scoring Big

MARATHON, Florida Keys — Boy the fishing has really gotten red hot down here.  My buddy David Rogers from Colorado has come to fish for the week but we were only able to fish one day and dive one day before the wind picked up and forced us off the water. We had a game [Read more…]

Offshore Fishing Report: Catching the Rarest Fish in the Keys

This past week we fished 40 miles west of Key West for yellowtail and grouper.  The bite was on for the yellowtails.  We placed a block of chum in the bag and it wasn’t five minutes when we were pulling in our first flag yellowtail.  We had blue runners about five pounds swimming around the [Read more…]

Have you ever seen a Mako shark eat a swordfish?

MARATHON, Florida Keys — Wow, what a beautiful week we had out on the water.  The weather was almost perfect the entire week.  We still didn’t find many dolphin but while were searching we came across an unusual floater. We found half of a large swordfish floating, with a mako shark circling.  The swordfish was [Read more…]

Offshore Fishing Report: Cold Water Moves Into Marathon

MARATHON, Florida Keys — Cold and blusterous, seems to be a theme this year.  There has been cold water plaguing us here in Marathon.  This was caused by the Gulf Stream shooting into the Gulf of Mexico and forcing out cold water, which inevitably was forced along the Keys and it was the reason why [Read more…]