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Fishing charters for all ages and skill levels in the Florida Keys

Sweet E’nuf Charters – Marathon Florida
Sweet E’nuf Charters – Marathon Florida

Sweet E’Nuf Charters is your source for a hassle-free, high-quality fishing experience in the Florida Keys with Captain Dave Schugar, a lifelong fisherman and licensed Master Captain.

Capt. Schugar is an expert in both bottom and sport fishing, and whether your goal is catch trophy or catch-and-eat fish, Sweet E’Nuf Charters is the place to call when you want to catch fish and have a good time.

Sweet E’Nuf Charters offers full-day & half-day charters, as well as night-time swordfish trips. To learn more about the charters available and pricing information, visit the charters page.

About the Captain

captdave2Captain Dave Schugar is a second generation fisherman who has been fishing the Florida Keys since the age of 8, meaning every Sweet E’Nuf Charter comes with 24 years of experience in fishing the same waters. Before he started doing charter fishing in 2001, Captain Dave worked as a commercial yellowtail snapper fisherman, catching as many as 64,000 pounds in a four month season.

Sweet E’Nuf Charters is your source for bottom fishing expertise, but when the sailfish are in season, there is nothing more fun than getting a triple hook up, and so Captain Dave is the person to call for any fishing charter needs you have.

Captain Dave can hold six in his own boat, but can arrange for parties of up to 60 people with advance notice. For rates and other information about Sweet E’Nuf’s Charters, please visit the charters page.



Away from school and relaxing in the Keys. We thought Spring Break couldn't get any sweeter, but Capt. Dave proved that is wasn't Sweet E'Nuf yet! A full day of catching HUGE fish was all we needed and we got it. Capt. Dave is a joy to be around, his boat and equipment are phenomenal and he can put you on some big fish!! Thanks for making our trip to the Key's that much better.

FSU Crew
Hello Dave, my name is Joe McConnell and I hail from Sicklerville, NJ. I have followed your posts on the Florida forum for almost a year. I would like to take the time to thank you for all you have taught me in that time without you even knowing it. Me and my Dad come down every January for a fishing trip and because of your posts and knowledge last year was our best to date.

Joe McConnell
Capt. Dave will go to any length to make your trip memorable. Kids on board, NO PROBLEM. The Captain has patience to teach and assist fisherman of all ages. His state of the art boat can get you on the fish in record time. The Sweet E'Nuf has all of the gear and electronics. Give Capt. Dave a chance, he's a true Florida Keys Pro. The memories will last a lifetime.

John McLaughlin