Tarpon Fishing Charters in Marathon, Florida Keys

Tarpon Fishing Charters in Marathon, Florida Keys

Catching the Silver King

A tarpon fishing charter in Marathon is a great time on the water, all while staying close to shore. Called the Silver King, the tarpon is one of the greatest acrobats of coastline fishing. They deliver powerful, fast-action fighting. That’s what makes tarpon fishing charters one of the Keys’ most exciting experiences.

Best Time of Year to Book a Tarpon Fishing Charter

The best months for catching tarpon in Marathon are March through July. However, tarpon fishing season in the Florida Keys is almost year-round. As long as the water is warm enough, it’s possible to catch them. But, the Spring and early Summer are what’s considered tarpon fishing season here.

Marathon tarpon fishing charter Florida Keys

Where in Marathon Do We Catch Tarpon?

We fish for them in various areas, typically a bridge, cut, or backwater canal where there is a tide. One of the best tarpon fishing spots in Marathon (and in all the Florida Keys) is the world-famous Seven Mile Bridge. There’s nothing else like catching a tarpon there.

The Best Bait for a Tarpon Fishing Trip

Tarpon migrate and when they are here in the Keys, they are in the mood to eat. They’re looking to fatten themselves up for their long voyage to wherever they spawn. (It is still unknown exactly where they spawn).

Soaking mullet seems to work best in some areas and, in other areas, drifting crabs works better. But, you can catch tarpon on pinfish and an assortment of artificial baits.

The Best Rigging for Catching Tarpon

I tend to use twenty pound outfits with 50-60 pound leader. Tarpon don’t have teeth per-se, but their mouth IS rough and after a long battle they can wear through the leader.

The Best Time to Catch Tarpon

We’ll generally fish early in the morning or late in the day into the night when you book one of my tarpon fishing charters. Tarpon feed on the tide, so as the tides change, the hours of the tarpon charter change, too. This ensures that your trip will be a good one.

I like to say: you can catch very many tarpon on a great night, but even if you catch three or four it is a very good night.

What’s it Like to Hook a Tarpon?

An epic battle with an average 80 pound tarpon can last as long as an hour. If you get lucky enough to hook 100-200 pounders, you could be fighting that fish for hours.

Fighting Tarpon at the Famous 7 Mile Bridge

Tarpon are smart, as they will run around objects to try and break you off. I actually had one that weaved through every piling for two miles on the Seven Mile Bridge. Talk about a chaotic chase…trying not to get caught around the pilings, weaving back and forth under and around the bridge! It gave my client an exhilarating experience to say the least.

Tarpon Fishing & Sharks

Most tarpon will run away from the bridge and try and find deeper water. But, there are the few cases where I think: “this tarpon has done this before”. The silver king jumps, he runs, and if you’re lucky (or might I say unlucky) he gets eaten…yup, big sharks patrol the bridges for the opportunity to snag an unsuspecting tarpon or one that is in distress. It is an impressive sight to see a 100 pound fish become lunch for a shark or even multiple sharks.

Some Tarpon Facts

Size: 75 lbs; however, 100-150 lbs not uncommon in the Florida Keys

Florida State Conventional Tackle Record: 243 lbs, Gus Bell, Key West 1975.

All of the Conventional Tackle Records for tarpon caught in the US in the past three decades have been caught in Marathon! 

What to Expect on Your Tarpon Fishing Charter

Marathon tarpon fishing charters can be either a 3 or 4 hour morning or sunset trip to nearby bridges like the Seven Mile or Vaca Cut.  As far as fishing trips go, a tarpon trip is a great way to get an angling adventure that’s 1) close to shore, 2) typically in calm waters, and 3) only a few hours (as opposed to an entire day) on the water.

Most of all, on a tarpon fishing charter in the Florida Keys, you can expect an adrenaline-pumping adventure like no other.

Why Book Your Tarpon Fishing Trip with Captain David Schugar?

Tarpon fishing in the Florida Keys is best when your fishing guide is familiar with the particular baits, times of day, and locations that will be most productive. Captain David Schugar has been fishing the Florida Keys since 1982, and has the local know-how to put you where the tarpon are, as well as guide you on how to best hook them.

Whether you are staying in Marathon or Key Colony Beach, or even in nearby Duck Key, Sweet E’Nuf Charters is within a short drive. Being in the Middle Keys, it’s easily accessible from Key West, Islamorada, or Key Largo, as well. Many anglers find the drive to be worthwhile simply for the one-of-a-kind experience of catching tarpon at the famous Seven Mile Bridge.