Tarpon Fishing Charters in Marathon, Florida Keys

Tarpon fishing is a great time in close to shore so even if the wind blows you usually don’t get blown off the water. The primary months for tarpon are March-July and we fish for them in various areas. Usually there has to be tide, so usually a bridge, cut, or backwater canal is where we would fish for them. Soaking mullet seems to work best in some areas and other areas drifting crabs works better, but you can catch them on pinfish and an assortment of artificial baits.

Called the silver king the tarpon is one of the greatest acrobats for coastline fishing. I tend to use twenty pound outfits with 50-60 pound leader, because they don’t have teeth per-say but there mouth is rough and after a long battle they can wear through the leader. You can catch many tarpon on a great night but if you catch three or four it is a good night. We generally fish early in the morning or late in the day into the night, as they do feed on the tide so times do change as the tides change. That is to ensure that your tarpon trip will be a good one.

Tarpon migrate and when they are here they are looking to fatten themselves up for their long voyage somewhere to spawn, as it is still unknown where they actually spawn. An epic battle with an average 80 pound tarpon can last as long as an hour, and if you get lucky to hook 100-200 pounders you could be fighting that fish for hours. These tarpon are smart, as they will run around object to try and break you off and I actually had one that weaved through every piling for two miles on the seven mile bridge. Talk about a chaotic chase, trying not to get caught around the pilings weaving back and forth under and around the bridge gave my client an exhilarating experience. Most tarpon will run away from the bridge and try and find deeper water, but there are the few cases where I think this tarpon has done this before. The silver king jumps, he runs, and if you’re lucky or might I say unlucky they get eaten, yup big sharks patrol the bridges for the opportunity to snag an unsuspecting tarpon on one that is in distress. It is an impressive sight to see 100 pound fish become lunch for a shark or even multiple sharks. What a sight to see.