The Wasserman Boys

November 23rd, 2011

I had some old friends I met last year — David and his two sons — out for a day of sailfishing.  Well, it turned into a day of dolphin, which they didn’t mind.  Sometimes you take what you can get. The ocean offers its bounty you don’t get to pick sometimes.

Earlier in the week we did ok with two doubles on one day, but ended up pulling the hooks on one of the sails on each of the doubles, so 2-4 for a half day.  Not to shabby for a half day charter with my clients Tom Chambers on the Cara Mia.

There has been great dolphin fishing since May, which is a little unusual, but not unheard of.  I kept them busy when we got into the dolphin by keeping up with the baits and getting them up into the riggers.  At times we had triple headers on!  The boys’ arms were a little tired but they managed to keep up with the fish.  It was a little rough in the morning, but it laid down nicely by noon and was one of the most beautiful days this past month.

Tomorrow is looking good as well, as we go bottom fishing for some muttons and amberjacks.

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